Very often your car will let you know ahead of time when something is causing a problem by turning on the yellow ‘Engine’ light.  However, it is totally unable to tell you which part of the engine to check!  That’s where our state of the art VOLVO diagnostics equipment comes into play.  We connect directly to your vehicle to establish what has happened and find where the potential problem lies. Ultimately saving you £££'s of guesswork. 
The Volvo system highlights every known issue to us, is 100% designed for your car allowing us to quickly establish the fault and repair it for you.

Why use P&R cars diagnostic service?

  • We use the latest Genuine Volvo Diagnostic suite.
  • Have a team of Volvo Diagnostic IT trained staff.
  • We don't subcontract, we have everything on site.
  • Why? It helps us investigate the cause not just the symptoms of your problems. Saving you money on your repairs.
  • Enabling us to produce high quality repairs, and a quick turnaround of your car.

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